Thursday, 19 July 2012

The best compliment from someone you look up to!

I have to say I am pretty excited today.  I lovvvvvve Riley Blake fabrics, I just love the designers she chooses, the colours, variety of designs and just the way she runs her business.  Well a few weeks ago I posted a picture of the All stars 2 quilt I made a few months ago and today I was given a response of 

Riley Blake Designs: That would look great in my son's room! Fantastic job!

Now I have no idea if that came directly from her but even to have someone who works for her is good enough for me.  As a mum who runs a small handmade business from home in Australia, something like this means alot to me and just gives you that little perk.....oh what the heck it gave me a HUGE buzz!

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