Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Two more Quilts in the works

I'm currently working on a Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit Cot Quilts.  They were suppose to be a back and front but one of the panels was stretched to one side and it didn't work.  Unfortunately it's the same with most panels these days which is why they aren't my favourite thing to work with.  As this is for a friend I decided to make 2 quilts, one as a present from me.

My friend has gone for a olive colour tones and was unsure of the sex of the baby at the time, thus the colour choices of the border.  Just a basic design on both but sometimes with a centre piece that's all you need.  Just need to do the binding and all finished.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Another unfinished Quilt

I'm a huge Amy Butler fan (www.amybutlerdesign.com/mainmenu.php).  I love her bold colours/prints but most of all her freshness.  The above Quilt top is from a mixture of several of her fabric stories.  It isn't finished yet as I need to put batting and a backing fabric on it then quilt it, but it will be available for sale when finished.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Are you a Tanya Whelan fan?

A finished Custom King Single Quilt using Tanya Whelan fabrics.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Custom Cot Quilt

I wasn't to sure about pink and grey together but I actually loved it.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

There's a Change coming

Something I have found since moving more into the Home Decor side of the business, is I am asked what colours go with that, or go with this coloured furnishings or even sent photo's of the room they are wanting to put Cushions, or Table runners etc into. I have been so flattered that anyone would ask me such things as I didn't think I had a knack as I am told by many and I love doing it as it give me more ideas.

As some of you may remember I studied Interior Design and Colour course and will be doing something a little different by posting Inspirations & Styles of upcoming seasons but also still all my hadmade orders. You will be able to find it all on my Instagram account lilmooandmee and also my Blog http://lilmooandmeee.blogspot.com/. Please be patient with my Blog whilst I revamp it, but I will get there. 

By no means am I a expert but I must be doing something right lol.

Running out of excuses lol

Absent again but things are changing.....Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Yep naughty me again

Ok, Ok as you can tell I'm just not good at Blogging, well regular posting that is.  This time I won't promise to say I will do it regularly because that clearly isn't working for me!

I've been pretty busy making Customer quilts and when not doing that I'm being a mum and wife.  I am happy to say my order list is nearly at a end for this year and at this point I'm going to have a think of what to do next year.  I have a new business in the pipe works which I am hoping will give me some of my zing back.  Don't get me wrong I love what I do but sometimes when you make quilt after quilt and nothing in between breaking it up you just become tired.  I have now made 4 of my own quilts to sell and I can't seem to get a bite on any of them so this becomes very disheartening, especially when it should sell for $220 but is now $160 and still not selling.  It sort of makes you wonder if you just can't design anymore.  Facebook has become so saturated you really wonder if its worth continuing on.

So maybe the break will do me good for a while...who knows
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