Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Yes I have been absent

I must apologise I have been very absent from my Blog and I promised I wouldn't do it, and yep here's that word.....BUT I was so busy with my business last year that I had to take a step back from many things and my Blog was one of them.  I found myself sitting up till sometimes 3 am 7 days a week to keep on top of my orders, take care of my 4 yr old, run my household, speech therapy, early intervention classes and just everyday life.  By the time Christmas came around I was exhausted and found myself questioning if this is how I want things to be, whether it was fair to my family, the moods, the tiredness but then I wasn't really taking up family time, I was working my butt off after everyone had gone too bed or kinder etc thus leaving no time for me.  I didn't catch up with friends for a coffee or a hello I just wanted to make my customers happy and just forgot about me.  But as you can see I'm still here and that's because I love what I do.  

I love creating other peoples ideas.  To be given fabrics they want and design it into a creation for them just gives me a buzz, especially knowing its a once off product.  And when one of your customers says to you they want a quilt for my daughter that she can hand down through generations really melts my heart and makes you feel special, because that's your  design she is talking about.

So instead of taking off all of January and February I went back into my sewing room but when I want to not when I had too and I've found its helped.  I've already completed one quilt and nearly my second.  I have decided this year I'm not going to promote myself silly but I am going to have time to create my own quilts, with the fabrics I choose and then sell them.  It may not work but I am forever being told I have great choices in fabrics, colour palettes etc so I have to trust my instinct.

My next post is going to be my Custom Quilt orders that were completed in 2012 which I thought I would put up as I missed half the year of Blogging.  

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