Monday, 11 July 2011

My First Panel Cushion

I have to admit because I am only still learning different ways to sew cushions, when a friend asked me to make her 2 cushions with 4 panels on each side out of the Darla Range of fabrics I really thought it was going to be a shamozal.
It took me nearly a week to plan each panel out on paper then when I thought it was ok, I wondered if it looked right because the fabric was so not my taste, I always saw it as very old fashioned. After passing a few designs past a couple of my friends in The Sewing Sisterhood I found out that alot of the fabric is discontinued. So it took me half a week to try and hunt down the fabric.

Well here is one of the cushions I completed today and there is another one on the way!

I have to say I am so happy with it and it looks brilliant! The colours really compliment each other and now I have to urge to do more, So now I just need people to order them lol.

I actually have some plans this week for some cushions that have 3 straight panels in it. This is one of the combinations:

And this is the other:

So stay tuned for the end results!

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